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Eyeglasses Frame + 1.6 high-index lens starts at 1990 Baht

Our glasses are made from the highest quality materials including its color, shape and lenses. We believe that the best eyewear should come with both fashion and function. Our lenses are delicately assembled with the frames by the trusted expert at the factory, allowing us to ship high quality eyewear at reasonable prices directly to your home.

1.6 High Index Lens

Traditional retailers tend to offer lenses has 1.56 index, but our lens index starts at 1.6 index which is lighter than thinner. This index can support strong prescription up to -4.75 and +4.75.

1.67 High Index Lens

An alternative choice for those with a strong prescription, up to +/- 10.00. It is 30% thinner than the 1.6 high index lens. Make your eyeglasses light and thin despite your strong prescription with our 1.67 high index lens.

Blue Light-Blocking lens

This Blue Light-Blocking lens are especially designed for 21st Century living. Computers and other digital devices can emit significant amounts of blue light that can damage your eyes, and these lenses are here to shield you from them.

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