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Protect your eyes: new coating blocks 94% of harmful blue light

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Everyone lives with digital devices. Our phones, tablets, and laptops inevitably expose us to High Energy Visible (HEV) Light, or blue light. These high-powered wavelengths cause our eyes to age faster and increase the chance of developing cataracts. Fortunately UV+420cut, our new blue light protection technology, blocks 94% of all blue light rays.

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High Energy Visible (HEV) Light, the wavelengths from 400-420nm. HEV Light is emitted by both digital devices and normal sunlight. Prolonged exposure without proper protection affects the neuronal retinal cells, increase the chance of stress, and can lead to premature cell death.

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With GLAZZIQ BluBloc

UV+420cut Technology shields your eyes from HEV Light without affecting your natural vision. It allows you to see clearly in all weather conditions while protecting the long-term health of your eyes.

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