Who We Are

Welcome to Glazziq. We're building the next generation of eyewear retail in Southeast Asia. We have a small team of engaged, passionate, and smart people who want to build a world-class, efficient, and scalable business. If this is interesting to you, let's talk.

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Our Unique Challenges

What makes our e-commerce system unique and interesting? Vertical integration. It's our secret to manufacturing and delivering products just-in-time. We're deeply embedded into all levels of our supply chain, including our retail partners with over 100 branches, and one of the largest lens factories in the world.

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Developers at Glazziq

We try to choose the best tool for the job, without preference to whether or not it's the new-hot-thing.js. That being said, we do prefer Rails for dev productivity on the server side.

We run one-week sprints and use issues to guide our work. We emphasize reading and writing documentation, and following a methodical process. Every dev on our team is "full-stack", but we also take on specialties in certain areas like devops or frontend.

Ruby on Rails

The majority of our system is coded in Ruby on Rails


We use ReactJS to build dynamic user interfaces.


We build and deploy our applications with Docker.

Available Position: Full Stack Software Developer II, B2B Systems


  • Responsible for delivery of a B2B ordering system and API, as well as integration into legacy IT infrastructure such as SAP.
  • Primary software languages used will be Ruby and Javascript. Some minor components in Go.
  • Architect, plan, and develop a full-stack web application.
  • Plan and execute code deployments.
  • Communicate with business partners to discover requirements.
  • Work with dev team management and UX designer to schedule and plan work.
  • Assist as required with any other software development.


  • Fluent Thai and working-level English.
  • Previous employment as a software developer.
  • You've developed software that has been deployed and used in a production environment.
  • You've worked in a software development team that uses git for source control.
  • You've written software in any dynamic programming language, such as Ruby, Python, Javascript, Elixir, Perl, or Clojure.


  • 3 years or more of employment as a software developer.
  • You've developed server-side software in a web framework, such as Ruby on Rails, Django, Spring, or Laravel.
  • You've worked in a software team that uses some variant of scrum and issue tracking systems such as Github, Gitlab, or JIRA.
  • You've written software in Ruby.
  • Some experience deploying software using docker.
  • General familiarity with Linux.

Interested? Let's Talk