Who We Are

Welcome to Glazziq. We're building the next generation of eyewear retail in Southeast Asia. We have a small team of engaged, passionate, and smart people who want to build a world-class, efficient, and scalable business. If this is interesting to you, let's talk.

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Our Unique Challenges

What makes our e-commerce system unique and interesting? Vertical integration. It's our secret to manufacturing and delivering products just-in-time. We're deeply embedded into all levels of our supply chain, including our retail partners with over 100 branches, and one of the largest lens factories in the world.

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Developers at Glazziq

We try to choose the best tool for the job, without preference to whether or not it's the new-hot-thing.js. That being said, we do prefer Rails for dev productivity on the server side.

We run one-week sprints and use issues to guide our work. We emphasize reading and writing documentation, and following a methodical process. Every dev on our team is "full-stack", but we also take on specialties in certain areas like devops or frontend.

Ruby on Rails

The majority of our system is coded in Ruby on Rails

ReactJS & Others

We use ReactJS and others.js to build dynamic user interfaces.


We build and deploy our applications with Docker.

We're Looking For

2 Years of experience developers who show teamwork, intelligence, and a desire to learn together. Experience in Ruby, Javascript, or any other dynamic programming language is a plus, but definitely not required.

Email Us ( jobs@glazziq.com )