Cooper DuoClip
Black Matte

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What's Included?
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Free Shipping
Kerry, Lalamove, SendIt
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Free Eye Check
At Better Vision (100+ Locations)
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Foldable Case
Super Portable
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1-Year Warranty
& Aftersale Service
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Frame Size 53□17-140○44 | Frame Width: L (140 MM) | Weight 11 g

With popular request, we decided to reintroduce Cooper with Duo Clips. Cooper is a versatile magnetic clip-on that is perfect for active lifestyles. The thin & portable sun clip-on snaps quickly and easily onto the frame with the hidden magnets, protecting your eyes from the harsh sunlight and blocks out over 99% UV.

Special Feature
Clip On
Eye Shape
Square, Round, Drop
Rim Type
Full Rim
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