GLAZZIQ ColorWear Series features our most popular frames with Color Lens. With 6 fun lens color to choose from, find your favorite tone and wear it as your statement everywhere you go!

Lavender Purple

Color lenses change the world with 6 color shades

Color up your life with our vibrant Colorwear collection. These six striking shades of lenses add a unique twist to your looks, plus a 100% UV protection. To find out the right style, you can mix and match your go-to frames with these colorful lens selections.

Sepia lens - A warm vintage lenses with its light brown tone, suits best with denim look.

Neon Yellow lens - A vibrant color lens to help you lighten up the world and increase clarity in low light setting.

Indigo Blue lens - Simple but charming is how we describe our Indigo Blue lense.

Scarlet Red lens - Going for cute or going for cool? You can have both with our Scarlet Red lens.

Lavender Purple lens - Going for an unmistakably stylish look? This Lavender Purple lens will make you look extra-sharp.

Mint Green lens - Mint Green lens is the essence of cuteness. Sweeten up your mundane look with this color lense, and it will work wonders in no time.