Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Browse our site ( and pick out the frame(s) you like
  2. Check out by yourself or contact us if you need help
  3. If you need eye examination service….
  • Go to any of our partner stores to receive your FREE eye examination service
  • The store will fill your prescription detail into our system, which will match with your order and automatically send to the lens factory to get fulfilled
  • You can check your prescription records and order status in your Glazziq profile

If you already have your prescription and want to submit…..

  • You can send your prescription to us via email: (Subject: Prescription for order: xxx) or via Line: @Glazziq
  • If you have astigmatism (Cylinder or CYL value) please make sure you have AXIS value as well. Please also make sure you have P.D. (pupillary distance) value. If you don’t have your P.D. ready, please provide us with the following photos:

*Wait for your new pair of glasses to arrive! *

Note In the case that your lens selection doesn’t match with your prescription i.e. we cannot fulfill or top up lenses are recommended, we will contact you before proceeding the order.

If you are interested in purchasing multiple pairs with different prescriptions

  • One pair for yourself and one pair for your friend/spouse/relative – please create a separate account and order for them if possible so that they can get FREE prescription at the partner store by using their phone number as reference and they will have their own prescription history.
  • One pair for distance and one for reading – please create a separate order for each prescription and let us know which order number you would like for which types of lens (Email: or line: @Glazziq)

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We would love to help you with any problems you are having with when placing order. Please contact via email or Line ID: @Glazziq.

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You can check your order status by simply logging into your GLAZZIQ account and under “My profile” click “Orders” All your orders history will be displayed. Your latest order will be on top.

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