Home Try-On

Try 3 frames at home for 3 days
Return at 7-Eleven

Step pick

Pick 3 Frames

Add those pairs to Home Try-On cart.
Checkout order with your credit/debit card.
Each Home-TryOn order needs ฿300 deposit which will be returned as a credit discount. You can use it anytime you want.
Step try

Try for 3 Days

Once you find the pair you love,
simply order new one with ฿300 discount.
No problem. Just return them to us. Your credit will be safe in your account.
Step return

Return at 7-Eleven

Pack all of them back and return at 7-Eleven.
Free of charge!
You can either make another Home Try-On order or just visit our showrooms to see all items

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  • #GlazziqHomeTryonfor suggestion from our stylists(make your account public)

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Home-Tryon Eyeware

We want to make sure that you will have a perfect pair of glasses from us, so we also offer you our free Home try-on service. This service allows you to try 3 pairs of glasses you like for up to 3 days and have them delivered to your home. Simply choose, try and return. You can return them at any 7-Eleven convenience store in Thailand, and simply order your favorite one from our website.