About Us  


We founded Glazziq to provide eyewear customers exceptional value.

We've always found shopping for prescription eyeglasses to be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. It's hard to imagine how a pair of eyeglasses will look on you when you're browsing through a sea of frames in a drawer or shelf, and frames have many important-but-small attributes that discerning buyers must look for.

Our solution disrupts the traditional retail model by providing customers a photo-rich e-commerce shopping experience supported by free eye exams and after-sales service, through our optical retail partners. Our platform makes it easy for you to filter and choose frames as well as try them on at home. We build and ship our glasses directly from the factory to our customers, enabling us to give you superior quality at a revolutionary price.



Our Frames

Our creative team comes from a broad variety of backgrounds. We're inspired by art, fashion, and everyday life throughout our frame design process — from sketches, material and color selection, prototyping, to the final product. We carefully select and work with the same manufacturers as many high-end fashion brands to ensure quality in our final product.

Our Lenses

We believe great lenses make great glasses. Unlike many discount eyewear retailers who try to minimize costs by using low-quality, fragile lenses, we have partnered with a world-class lens manufacturer. We want to save you money by shipping direct from the factory and streamlining our operations, not by compromising quality.

Buying Experience  


Shopping at Glazziq

Our goal is to improve your purchasing experience with photos, filters, search, and recommendations — features you couldn't find in a traditional store. In addition, you can try on our beautifully designed products through Glazziq Home Try-On program. To complete the ownership experience, our partner stores offer free, high quality eye exams and after-sales service.

Beautifully Designed Eyeglasses at a Revolutionary Price

Because of our strong partnerships with world-class manufacturers, we are able to assemble your prescription eyeglasses and ship them directly from the factory to you. Our unique technology and business model enables us to provide you the best value in eyewear.